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    祝贺我院Mohamed Frahat Foda Ali Foda获得2017年度外国青年学者研究基金项目资助

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    根据国家自然基金委员会(NSFC)日前公布的2017年度外国青年学者研究基金项目资助结果,祝贺我院Mohamed Frahat Foda Ali Foda成为我院首位获得该类项目资助的外籍博士后。其获资助直接费用为40万元,资助时间为2018年1月到2019年12月。

    Dr. Mohamed Frahat Foda

    Winner of 2017 National Natural Science Foundation (NSFC) Project for International Young Scientist

    It a great honor for College of Veterinary Medicine, Huazhong Agricultural University (HZAU) that Dr. Mohamed Frahat Foda, the distinguished scholar from Egypt which belongs to Benha University as a staff member and carrying out his postdoctoral research in HZAU with Prof. Xiao Shaobo, the first foreigner in the college history to receive the fund from the NSFC organization. Dr. Mohamad Foda is an outstanding postdoctoral research fellow at HZAU and the Vice President of the Postdoctoral Association on campus. He has been showing a marvelous output of research in“Biochemistry, Nanotechnology and Virus infection”and obtained various kinds of research awards. He has published more than 25 SCI research articles in highly reputed international scientific journals and International academic conferences. He is an Editorial Board member of several international journals and peer-reviewed many International scientific research articles.

    Dr. Foda is currently working as a Lecturer of Biochemistry at Faculty of Agricultural, Benha University. He obtained his both B.Sc. degree (Hons) and M.Sc. degree (Hons) in Agric. Biochemistry from Benha University. He came to China in Sept. 2011 to carry out his Ph.D. degree and graduated in 2015 with the major of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology from the College of Life Science and Technology (Top-ranked colleges at HZAU) under Prof. Han supervision. His research area is“Nanobiological Analysis. In 2015/2016, he won the title of“Distinguished International Award”announced by Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC) and actively participate in social welfare activities and attracted much internal and external newspaper and media attention.

    The Research Fund for International Young Scientists is a kind of competitive research projects set up by National Natural Science Foundation (NSFC) for all the foreign scientist in science and technology field (under the age of 40 years old) and working in all over China. These projects aim to encourage outstanding young foreign scientists from all over the globe to carry out basic research work in China and promote Chinese and foreign Scholars' research cooperation and academic exchange.

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